CRS 37-92-602(8) Compliance Design Data Workbook Aug-2015 (ZIP, 9.12 MB)

CUHP 2005 Version 1.4.4 Sept-2014 (ZIP, 4.00 MB)

CUHP 2005 Manual Sept-2014 (PDF, 4.70 MB)
Archived CUHP 2005 Versions (ZIP, 3,279 KB)

EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM
CUHP-2000 Version 1.2.1 May-2009 (MSI, 3.95MB)
OLD CUHP Converter

UDSWMM-2000 Version 1.4.6 Jun-2003 (MSI, 4.39MB) Download the revised manual (PDF, 1.0MB)

UD-Sewer 2009 v1.4.0 May-2014 (zip, 6.23 MB)
NOTE: Please uninstall any old version of UDSEWER2009 before installing new version
UWRI Water Quality Capture Optimization and Statistics Model (WQ-COSM)
Bid Tabulation Program (XLS, 3.6 MB)
Please save and download the file before opening. Make sure to enable macro's

UD-MP COST User's Guide (PDF, 1.1 MB)

UD-MP COST Version 2.2 (XLS, 711 MB)
Culvert Design - UD-Culvert v3.03 Nov-2014 (XLS, 471 KB)
Detention Design - UD-Detention v2.35 Mar-2015 (XLS, 1.97 MB)
Full Spectrum Detention Sizing - UD-FSD v1.09 July-2015 (13.6MB)
Street Capacity and Inlet Sizing - UD-Inlet v3.14 Nov-2013 (ZIP, 3.67 MB)
Rainfall IDF/DDF Curves and Design Storm Temporal Distribution - UD-Rain v1.01 Feb-2013 (XLS, 6.46 MB)
Runoff Analysis - UD-Rational v1.02a Sept-2005 (XLS, 82 KB)
Spreadsheets - Criteria Manual Volume III
UD-BMP_v3.03 DEC-2013 (XLS, 1.61 MB)
BMP Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool - BMP-REALCOST AUG-2013 (ZIP, 2.49MB)